A Lesson in Window Treatments Part Two

Window treatments can establish the style of the room.  The wrong dressing can throw off the entire decorating scheme.  Should your window treatments be formal, casual, or country? 

Follow these three simple steps to help determine your style.

1. Determine the room's function. Rooms used mostly to entertain may call for dramatic window dressing while bedrooms need window treatments to provide privacy.
2. Do you want the window to be the focal point of the room or do you want it to blend with the décor?  If you want your window treatment to be the focal point, choose dramatic window treatments with strong patterns or vibrant colors.  If you want your windows to be low keyed, choose neutral colors, perhaps even a color that will blend in with the walls.
3. Is the style of the room traditional, contemporary, eclectic, or country?  Make sure your window treatments complents both the style and the architecture of the house.  For example:  puddled draperies work well in a casual or traditional space and would look out of place in a contemporary space. 

Now on to window treatment headers.

Here's an old Calico Corners ad which shows traditional style pleated headers.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, the rod pocket, plain top and inverted pleats are some of the easiest toppers to try.  Next time, I'll share my latest DIY window treatments with you - inverted pleated drapery out of canvas drop cloths.
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