Decorating Tips - How to Use Color

Do you live in a space with white walls?  Are you bored?  Color is the easiest way to bring life to a room.  And it's also one of the cheapest!  Thank about it - how much is a can of paint these days? $20, $30, $40.  It depends on the brand you buy. 

So how do you choose color?  Coco Chanel once said "The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you." But does that apply to our homes? Of course it does!

Start by looking at the colors that you wear? Do you like color or is a neutral palette more to your liking?  Well start there.  If you find yourself drawn to color ask yourself, are they bright colors or soft colors?  Which hues make you feel happy, relaxed, and at peace?

I've put together a collection of rooms I found on Pinterest and  Enjoy!

Can't paint the walls? No problem.
Add color to your space through accessories.

Add color to white bedding.

Pastel colors for a feminine bedroom

Prefer a more neutral palette?
Neutral Plus adds subtle color to a neutral space.
Black and white doesn't have to be boring.
Love color? Go Bold.
So whatever you decide, don't be afraid of color.  Remember it's only paint!
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