Decorating with Drop Cloths

I've been working on drop cloth window treatments for the past week.  Since there are three windows, that means 6 panels.  I thought I would take a break and share a few drop cloth ideas I found.  Canvas drop cloths are great because they're inexpensive (about $11 for 6' x 9'), strong, large, and look very similar to linen!  The possibilities are endless.

1. Drop Cloth Tablecloth:  This one has words in different fonts.  Make it any theme that you want.  Since drop cloths come 6' x 9', you  have plenty of fabric to work with.  Just use a broad tip Sharpie Marker for the words.

2. Drop Cloth Placemats:  For complete instructions, click on the link below the picture.

3. Upholster a Chair with a Drop Cloth
4. Drop Cloth Pillow: This one has ruffles.  For a tutorial, just click the link below the picture.  I love this one.  I am definitely going to tackle this one.

5. A Drop Cloth Shower Curtain:  This one is stenciled.  For a complete tutorial, click on the link below the picture.

6. A Drop Cloth Table Runner:  I love this.  Simple, easy, and quick. For a complete tutorial, just click the link below.
7. A Tufted Drop Cloth Ottoman: I have to say this project has left me speechless.  It's absolutely beautiful!  There is a very detailed tutorial if you're brave enough to try it!
8. Drop Cloth Art: Simple and cheap and looks great too!

I love all these projects and they are just a few of the project I found online.  Soon I'll share my drop cloth window treatments with you with complete instructions.  If you have a favorite drop cloth project, I'd love to hear about it.
Now back to work...
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