DIY Organization Ideas for Small Laundry Rooms

Do you hate doing laundry?  Is your laundry room a mess most of the time?  Do you have a laundry closet and find yourself wondering what you can do to make it look better and be more efficient?  Well you can have an organized and beautiful laundry room and maybe, just maybe, enjoy doing laundry again.  I put together some pictures that just might give you some ideas of what to do with yours. 

Stack your washer & dryer and add storage cabinets.

There is no reason a laundry closet can't look good.  Stencil the walls for beautiful look and it's cheaper than wallpaper!

Get rid of those doors and add a curtain.
Add open shelving and go all the way up to make the best use of the space (and it looks good too!)
Raise your washer and dryer and save your back.  You don't have to buy the expensive pedestals - click the link for a complete tutorial. 
Beadboard, a gray and white color palette, and a drying rack - I love this look!
Add some bling! Check out the backsplash.
Add sliding barn doors for character.

Here is another take at using old barn doors.
These sliding doors disappear for a more spacious look.
Even the smallest laundry closet can be functional and look good.
Here is a great idea for collecting lint.
A drink container for liquid detergent - clever!
Make your own drying rack - I love this idea!
Here's another idea for a DIY dryer rack.

Finally, if you have the space don't forget about artwork!
I hope you found some inspiration.  One of our next projects is the laundry room.  I'll share pictures when we get going...
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