Low Cost Decorating Tips - Mistakes to Avoid Part 2

Welcome to another edition of Low Cost Decorating Tips.  Today we'll talk about three easy ways to improve your living space.  Remember these three things - color, focal point, and accessorize. 

Being Afraid of Color

Are you afraid of color?  Are your walls still white or builder's beige?  One easy way to update your space is with paint.  Paint is probably the easiest and cheapest way to update a room.  Not sure what color to paint?  No worries.  Look around.  What colors are in your room?  Look at the floors and furnishings.  Check out the rooms adjacent.  I think it is very important to have a cohesive look especially in a small house.  That's not to say that you can't have an all white or neutral space.  Neutral is harder to do if you want to do it without becoming boring and tired.  If you prefer a more neutral palette, think about adding a pop of color for interest.

In this room, they chose the wall color from the bedding.

In this kitchen, they added a pop up color to keep an all white kitchen from becoming too boring!  Nice touch don't you think?

Ineffective Use of Accessories

Do you like to collect things?  Most everyone does.  The question is how do you display your things?  Keep your collections together.  Remember that three works better than two and five works better than four.  Group things together.  Rotate accessories seasonally.  Remember "Less is More!"


Ignoring the Room's Focal Point

What is the focal point in the room?  In a bedroom, it's usually the bed.  In a family room, it could be a fireplace or a window (if there's a good view).  If there is not a natural focal point, you can create one.  What about an armoire or a large picture?  Even a grouping of pictures can become the focal point.  The focal point is where your eye is drawn when you enter a room.

 Stayed tuned for more low cost decorating tips.  Thanks for stopping by...
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