Organizing a Closet

"A place for everything and everything in its place."

If you work out of your home you have to be organized.  Running a business out of your bedroom like I do requires organization.  A lot of organization! I've always considered myself fairly organized, but lately things had gotten a little out of control.  My closet houses my clothes, shoes, school notebooks, and printing supplies had just gotten out of control.  I had to do something.  Being somewhat of a perfectionist and somewhat OCD I just couldn't function like I wanted.  Something had to be done.


After searching the internet, I came across  I got on their website and designed my new closet.  I had some help from one of their friendly designers, Denise.  I decided that I really only needed to do one side of my closet - I call that the business side.  I ordered my closet and it arrived in just three days. The day before it was scheduled to arrive, I cleared it out and painted it.   I really simplified.  I have to be honest, I got rid of a lot of clothes.  I made two piles.  One pile was for clothes that I wanted but didn't fit but hoped that one day they would fit again. The other pile was for clothes that I didn't want anymore.  When my closet arrived, my son-in-law installed it for me.  I don't know if I could have done it by myself (although I would have tried) but thankfully I didn't have to.  What do you think of my new closet now?


I feel so much better now.  I am so happy with my new closet, especially my new EasyCloset for my work things.  I can see all my inventory at a glance and everything is so easy to get to.  I hope you enjoyed seeing my organized closet.  I'd love to hear your organization tips.

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