DIY Project - Upcycling An Old Robe

Let's keep textiles out of our landfills!  Did you know that approximately 93% of all textile waste diverted to recycling is successfully reclaimed, yet 85% goes directly to landfills. (Eartheasy) What do you do when your clothes are too big for you or you grow tired of them?  Well you can donate them or sell them or you can repurpose them.   My daughter had a robe that was didn't work for her so I decided to repurpose it.  I made a baby blanket and two pillows from the robe.  Here is the robe - it's a beautiful pink chenille.

From the robe, I made a baby blanket and two pillows. Here are the finished items:

I kept the pocket on one of the pillows for my granddaughter's bed.  It can hold toys or even a cell phone.  What kid wouldn't love this?

So next time,  you are tempted to throw something out because you don't want it or it doesn't fit, think about what you can make from it.  The earth will thank you!

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From Old Fashioned to Contemporary - A New Look for a Worn Rocking Chair

Here is my latest project.  It is part DIY and part professional upholstery.  This chair used to belong to my grandma and had already been refinished once that I know of.  It was worn and tired.  We thought about selling it but on second thought decided it was worth keeping.

First thing I did was strip it down and paint it with homemade black chalk paint.  If you want the recipe check out this former post.

I purchased the fabric online at Online Fabric Store.  The fabric was under $10 yard and is an indoor outdoor fabric.  I figured that was good to stand up to abuse.

My goal was to recover it myself.  Well, I can't do everything.  I tried.  I admit I was disappointed but figured it would take too much time and I was be too frustrated. So it just wasn't worth it.  So we took it to my favorite place for upholstery - Upholstery House in Duluth.

I bought the little garden stool from Wayfair for about $100.  It makes a cute little table, don't you think?

Now that the rocking chair has been redone, I feel it has been given a new life.  Maybe I'll be able to pass it on to my grandchildren one day.

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