DIY Dropcloth Tablecloth Project

Would you like to make an inexpensive tablecloth that is personal to your family?  I just completed one for my family and here it is...

I started with an inexpensive drop cloth from Home Depot.  Wash your dropcloth a couple of times to remove any sizing and help soften the fabric. 

You'll need a pencil and several fabric pens.  I used a medium point pen that I bought at Joanns for 3.99.  You'll need several.
Then measure your table.  Ours measures 42 x 72 so I cut a rectangle about 82 x 72, which allowed for a half inch hem all around.
Now what to write?  We decided on the fruitage of the spirit (Galations 5:22, 23): love, joy, faith, peace, goodness, mildness, patience, self-control, and kindness.  I drew them out using different fonts on the computer and printed them out.  I also made a plan.  Here's my plan:
I cut out all the words and using my plan as a guide, I placed them around the fabric.
The next part takes a bit of patience because it involves transferring the words to the canvas with a pencil - freehand - and then go over the words with your fabric pen. 

Here is the finished tablecloth.  I recommend you put something under the fabric so you don't have any issues with bleeding.  We used cardboard.                            


Once you're finished, iron the whole thing to heatset the words.  Then wash in cold water on the gentle cycle.  Here is the finished product! 

 What do you think?  We love it and it will help remind us of the qualities that we need to work on!
Thanks for stopping by...
Until next time,