May 2 is Brothers and Sisters Day

It's interesting when searching the web you can find a holiday for just about everything.  Today is Brothers and Sisters Day.  If you have a brother or sister, you know that there are days that you would like to disown them and there are days that you just want to hug them, at least I know that's how my two grandkids feel at times.  So if you are fortunate enough to have a sibling, why not reach out to them today.  Call them or better yet, print one of these free printables, frame it, and you have an instant gift.  The older you get, the more you appreciate them.

If you want to print any of these lovely prints, you’ll need to click through a couple of times to get the hi-res versions.  Hope that makes sense!

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Tuesday Treasury - Sisters

Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Treasury.  This week's theme is Sisters and I am going to dedicate this week's post to my little sister, Donna.  Although sometimes I feel like she's the big sister because she's been there for me far more times than I have been there for her!  I love you Donna!

This one's for you Donna!

Now for our treasuries...Our first treasury comes to us from Sophie from Sophie Lady de Paris.  Here is one of Sophie's beautiful items.

Our next treasury comes to us from Laura from Fen Jew Creations.  Here is one of Laura's beautiful items:


Well that wraps up this edition of Tuesday Treasury.  I hope you found some goodies!  Next week our theme will be Kiss Me Goodnight.

If you would like to submit a treasury, I will feature one of your items.  Just send me a link via Etsy convo.

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