Tuesday Treasury and Free Printable - Red

Remember learning the color wheel in elementary school?  You might have even painted one!  If you have forgotten the basics, here's a quick reminder.  There are three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow; three secondary colors: green, orange, and violet; and six tertiary colors: yellow-green, yellow-orange, red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, and blue green.

We all  have favorite colors and colors we don't like.  Today's treasury is all about the color red.  Red is a strong color and sends a powerful message.  Did you know that red:

  • Stimulates the appetite
  • Raises blood pressure
  • Stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing
  • Attract attention
  • Creates excitement
  • Takes control
  • Is forceful

If you wear red, you are sure to get noticed!  Bill Blass said it best when he said, "When in doubt, wear red." 

Free Printable - just click to enlarge then right click and save
Today's treasury deals with all things red.  Our first two treasuries were curated by Roy Itzhack of JUDtlv.  The theme of Roy's treasury is Love - something we often associate with red. Roy makes beautiful designer bags.  Here is one of his lovely items:

Our next treasury was curated by Olga Uryvskaya of Miracoli-SpB.  Olga makes beautiful knitted items from wire.  Here is one of Olga's beautiful creations:


Our final treasury was curated by Susan Newberry Designs and is entitled "Red."  Here is one of my items:


Next week our theme will be "Pink."  If you would like to submit a treasury, contact me via Etsy convo.  If your treasury is chosen, I will feature one of your items.

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