My Home Office Reveal

"For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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We've been talking about organization now for several weeks and it dawned on me that I never revealed my new home office. You might remember from a previous post that office has been in my bedroom until last year when I moved into the dining room. As my Etsy store grew so did my need for space.

Office 1

My Home Office Reveal

Well what do you think of my new home office?

I love my dual monitors. I was trying to decide between upgrading to a larger size but after asking several family members, I decided on dual monitors. I love them! They definitely add to my efficiency. Also note the lateral files - they keep my orders, mail, and other papers off my desk. If you are like me, desk space is very important. I now have three printers - one for everyday printing and two for my Etsy prints. I added a cutting and wrapping section for my daughter who works with me. Alison does all the shipping and wrapping along with other things. I couldn't do it without her.

All the desks and cabinets came from IKEA. The lateral files came from Amazon. The whole office (not counting chairs, which came from Amazon) cost less than $600!  The artwork (Chairs and Quotes) came from my store of course.

I love being downstairs instead of locked away in my room. I actually feel part of the family and can keep up with what's going on. The only downfall is that my office is right next to the kitchen. You know what that means; yes, I have gained weight.

Well I hope you've enjoyed my organization tips.  I’d love to hear your favorite organization ideas. Please feel free to share below. I hope I have inspired you to do some organizing. Don’t miss any of my future blogs for organization and decorating tips. .

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