DIY Landscaping Phase One

"All gardening is landscape painting."

 William Kent

My daughter and son-in-law have lived in their house for 12 years. They added some plants to the basic holly shrubs that all builders plant but as you can see it got out of control.  The front of the house was totally lacking in curb appeal.  We decided to roll up our sleeves and get out hands dirty.  We started from scratch.  Fortunately the space is small so we knew that the investment for new plants would be minimal and we bought small, knowing the plants would grow.  First we had all the old shrubbery removed, saving only the monkey grass to be planted again later.  After a visit to our local nursery and the help of a professional landscaper, who just happens to be family, we got down to work.  We still have some work to do but I wanted to share what we did in an afternoon.


before front



The brick was totally hidden by the abundance of plants as well as the office window.





Here's what we planted on the left: Dwarf Japanese Maple, Kaleidoscope Abelia, Dianthus Fire Witch, Monda (Monkey) Grass

Here's what we planted on the right: Thuja O Emerald, Purple Pixie Weeping Loropetalum, Dianthus Fire Witch, Mondo (Monkey) Grass

Phase One complete! Next we'll paint the doors and shutters, add a window box to the window on the left, and hang a couple of ferns at the entry.  And we still have the sides to do.  But we're happy with our new look.  I call it "Less is More."

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Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

Spring! There is no better time to love your home.  Is you home looking a little bit weary?  Has your home lost its curb appeal?  I have put together 10 ideas to get your home ready for spring and love your home again. 1. Start on the outside.  Sweep and clear off walkways.

2. Pressure wash your house if needed.

3. Clean out gutters.

4. Prune your shrubbery. Replace as needed. Plant flowers and add mulch to flower beds.

5. Clean your light fixtures.  Change worn out bulbs.

6. How does your front door look? Does it need a new coat of paint?  I found this great tutorial at love, pomegranate house on how to paint your front door.

7. Refurbish the hardware on the front door. Yes you can paint them!

8. Now check your shutters.  Can they use a fresh coat of paint?

9. Add a flower pot at the front door.

10. Add a new welcome mat.  You can even make one.  Here's one from Martha Stewart that I found.  Add your house number or your monogram.
Next time we'll move indoors.
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